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The World's largest solar-salt project creating an oasis with flow-on benefits such as the production of potable water, fresh vegetables, animal fodder, aquaculture and mariculture


With an estimated salt and Sulphate of Potash (SOP) revenue of about US14.8 billion over 20 years, an estimated IRR of 31% and Cumulative cash flow of US$6.7 billion pre-tax with a NPV of US$2.4 billion (DR of 6%); our subsidiary, Salternas GmbH (SG) intends to simultaneously construct additional facilities to enable the production of the food products and Sulphate of Potash (SOP) detailed in the document.

This non-speculative project is based on certainty. It is not an exploration or mining project, but a simple production project producing a guaranteed natural resource of 13 million TPA in perpetuity; therefore, no exploration drilling, resource delineation or uncertainty, simply the construction of salt-plant facilities, ponds and food production infrastructure.

This project is ideally suited to the investor with philanthropic intentions, juxtaposed with an attractive return on investment.

SG has secured a 25-year agreement, renewable for successive terms of 25 years thereafter, with the Government of Somaliland to develop a solar salt production facility to produce up to 13 million tons of salt for export per annum. The Government has granted SG a first-stage minimum of 150 km2 of ocean frontage land. The project is financially and technically viable with Somaliland possessing a perfect climate for solar salt production with good access to major shipping routes. The global market for solar salt is currently faced with a shortfall of supply with limited capacity for increased production by the main producers. SG can meet the market requirements in both quality and quantity to produce a reliable continuous supply of Australian grade solar salt.

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